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Who's Going to Watch My Kids?

Who’s Going to Watch My Kids?

Working Mothers’ Humorous and Heartfelt Struggles to Find and Hold on to the Elusive Perfect Nanny

Who’s Going To Watch My Kids? is the true story of working mom Rachel Levy Lesser’s struggles to find and hold on to a nanny for her two young children. It also includes the stories of 15 other working moms and their humorous and heartfelt nanny tales. Each mother longs to employ the modern day Mary Poppins – that perfect nanny who they soon learn doesn’t exist. This book explores the unique relationships that develop between working mothers (and fathers) and the nannies and the kids they care for. These relationships are more than professional yet not as intimate as familial ones (or sometimes even more so!) The working mothers in this book, Rachel included, put up with more issues from their nannies than they ever would with their employees in their offices, but in turn they also learn many lessons from their nannies and grow closer than they ever imagined. Rachel includes her own nanny rules based off of lessons learned from her experiences and those of the other mothers in the book

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My whole family is close. Really close. I still talk to my father and brother almost every day, and also to my aunt, my late mother’s sister. When I was growing up, my grandparents were over at our house all the time, and my father has been known to pop by my grownup house for a quick visit with our kids or a weeknight family dinner. My grownup nuclear family of four is equally as close as my original one. There are no secrets among us, and we are always there for each other no matter what.

Over our years of employing many nannies, we’ve developed close relationships with a few of them. Some more than others. I tried to keep each relationship as professional as I could, but that was easier said than done. Even though a nanny is technically an employee, she is given the task of caring for the people most precious to you: your children. She sees you at your most vulnerable times, and she becomes a part of your most intimate family relationships. A nanny may see you breastfeed your baby, she’ll change your childrens’ diapers, and she’ll care for your sick children when you need her most so that you can go to work. Somewhere along the way, a nanny can and will start to feel like family. The lines become blurred for better or for worse.

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