◊ Chloe     ◊ Dylan    ◊ Lily    ◊ Hunter    ◊ Seven

Home is:

◊ Insanely quiet

◊ Ridiculously neat

◊ Weird

Today I:

◊ Focused on one thing at a time for more than ten minutes

◊ Emailed pictures of you from the camp web site to your grandparents and then spent a half hour explaining to them how to view them

◊ Went out to lunch with a friend and left my phone in my bag the whole time

Tomorrow I am going to:

◊ Keep up my nine day streak of not running the dishwasher

◊ Meditate and write in my gratitude journal how grateful I am that you are a happy camper

◊ Write you a letter which may or may not interest you

My favorite activity is:

◊ Binge watching Netflix

◊ Having sex with the door open

◊ Cleaning out your room and throwing out all of these little pieces of paper you’ve been hoarding on your dresser

The food is:

◊ Sushi

◊ Ice cream for dinner

◊ Better with wine

My friends are:

◊ More fun than I remember them being during the school year

◊ Missing their own kids but not as much as I am missing you

◊ Really good at making plans

I need more:

◊ Pictures of you on the camp web site

◊ Phone calls from you without seven other kids talking to their parents in the background

◊ Reassurance that I am doing a good job as a parent


◊ Mom    ◊ Dad    ◊ Spot    ◊ Whiskers